Old Soldiers Never Die in Peua Thai Party

22 10 2009

It is not a surprise to see Gen Chavalit so devoted himself to protect Thaksin. His recent appearance in Cambodia with Hun Sen, his latest comment on the relations between Thaksin and Hun Sen including his offer to meet up with PAD leaders aimed to destabilise the current coalition government. This is the card old soldiers need to play if he or they are to sit to command as the head of the party.

But for me, it is so funny! It can be the talk of the town among my parents generation, but not my generation and not the younger generation. They are so out of politics. They have never looked around, they only listen to small of group of trusted friends. Chavalit is a yesterday leader. His idea on current situation is so outdated. If he would like to bring on outside enemy, he should have picked a better leader than Hun Sen. Who respect Hun Sen in Thailand? Even if his intention is to level it up to the international level, since ASEAN Summit is taking place here and the world attention is on us, this is a wrong step to take.

Having a negotiation with PAD is just for his own benefit. Does not he know that people are fading away from Yellow as they had set bad rules for the RED to follow. Freedom to demonstrate comes with responsibility. Both Yellow and RED show no respect to the rule and the law. They show no responsibilities of the political turmoil they caused since 2007.

Whatever step Gen Chavisit takes, it will bring the party and himself to its downfall.